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Naturalization in Vietnam –Understanding Vietnamese language is an obligation.

Vietnam – A peaceful, developed, and friendly country is being a great selection for persons having intention to have more nationalities.

Vietnam always make conditions for persons having intention to be naturalized in Vietnam, however, inviduals having intention to be naturalized in Vietnam have to meet a number of conditions under Law on Vietnamese Citizenship 2014. Recently, Government promugated Decree No 16/2020/ND-CP detailing a number of conditions for naturalization.

Before, Decree No.78/2009/ND-CP specified that: persons applying for naturalization in Vietnam must understand Vietnamese language. This critera is assessed on the basis of the ability to communicate in Vietnamese with Vietnamese citizens in dailylife suitable for the working environment of that person.

Decree No 16/2020/ND-CP detailed the condition about understanding Vietnamese language. Hence, persons applying for naturalization in Vietnam must follow conditions below:

Firstly, understanding Vietnamese language enough to integrate themselves into the Vietnamese community means Vietnamese listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills suitable to living and working environments of applicants for naturalization in Vietnam. This is a compulsory condition because language is way to communicate, work, research about this country’s culture. Applicants for naturalization maybe want to gain a nationality because of loving that country or their own development, so, it is necessary to understand and use Vietnamese language to integrate into the community.

Secondly, applicants for naturalization must be those who are residing in Vietnam and have been granted permanent residence cards by competent Vietnamese public security agencies. Permanent residence cards are the basis to count the period of permanent residence.

Thirdly, ability to ensure livelihood in Vietnam of an applicant for naturalization in Vietnam may be proven with his/her assets or lawful income sources or guaranteed by an organization or individual in Vietnam.

Moreover, those who apply for Vietnamese nationality without having to renounce his/her foreign citizenship must meet conditions specified in Clause 3, Article 19 of the Law on Vietnamese Citizenship as follows:

1. He/she satisfies all the conditions for naturalization in Vietnam prescribed by the Law on Vietnamese Citizenship.

2. He/she has made special contribution to the building and defense of the Vietnam Fatherland and his/her naturalization in Vietnam while still holding foreign citizenship is beneficial to the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

3. His/her application for permission for retention of foreign citizenship upon naturalization in Vietnam is compliant with the law of the concerned foreign country.

4. The renunciation of his/her foreign citizenship might affect his/her interests in the concerned foreign country.

5. He/she does not use his/her foreign citizenship to cause harms to lawful rights and interests of agencies, organizations and individuals or infringe upon national security and interests and social order and safety of the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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