Policies take effect from October 2021

1. Many new regulations on car registration

From 1.10.2021, regulations on technical safety inspection and environmental protection of road motor vehicles were implemented in accordance with Circular 16/2021/TT-BGTVT, supplementing 3 cases of cars registration warning.

(1) Vehicles with defective or damaged items

+ In this case, the registration unit prints and sends the notice of defective or damaged items according to the form to the vehicle owner for repair.

+ In case the inspection fails and the certificate of inspection is not granted, the vehicle will be warned on the electronic portal of the Vietnam Register.

(2) The liquidated motor vehicle has no information in the database of production, assembly, import, and inspection to the registry for inspection, then the unit verifies that the vehicle profile is not consistent with the Realistic vehicle.

(3) Vehicles of organizations that are allowed to be temporarily imported for re-exported, after making vehicle dossiers, the registration units shall send vehicle information to the Vietnam Register to issue warnings on Inspection management programs.

2. More cases of getting free road use

October 1, 2021 is also the official date of entry into force of Circular 70/2021/TT-BTC on collection rates, modes of collection, payment, exemption, management and use of road user fees.

Compared with the old regulations in Circular 293/2016/TT-BTC, point e, Clause 5, Article 3 of Circular 70/2021 has added a type of vehicle that is free to use the road, which is a special car, including: Satellite communication vehicles, bulletproof vehicles, anti-terrorism and anti-riot vehicles and other special cars of the Ministry of Public Security.

3. Schools receive online master’s training during natural disasters and epidemics

Circular 23/2021/TT-BGDDT on Regulations on enrollment and training at master’s level officially takes effect from October 15, 2021.

In particular, the Ministry of Education and Training has added new regulations on organizing online classes when training at the master’s level.

Specifically, under normal conditions, training institutions are allowed to organize online classes with the learning volume not exceeding 30% of the total volume of the training program when meeting current regulations on application of information technology in management and organization of online training; Quality assurance no less than in-person classes.

In case of natural disasters, epidemics and other force majeure cases, training institutions conduct online training and assessment of courses according to the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Training.

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