1. Conditions on adopting persons
  • An adopting person must fully meet the following conditions:

+ Having full civil act capacity;

+ Being 20 years or more older than the adopted person;

+ Having health, financial and accommodation conditions for assuring the care for and nurture and education of the adopted child.

+ Having good ethical qualities.

  • The following persons may not adopt a child:

+ Having some of the parental rights over a minor child restricted;

+ Currently serving an administrative handling decision at an educational institution or medical treatment establishment;

+ Currently serving an imprisonment penalty;

+ Having a criminal record of commission of any of the crimes: intentionally infringing upon another’s life, health, dignity and honor; maltreating or persecuting one’s grandparents, parents, spouse, children, grandchildren or caretaker; enticing or compelling a minor to violate the law or harboring a minor violator; trafficking in, fraudulently swapping or appropriating children, which has not been remitted yet.

  1. Dossiers of adopting persons

A dossier of an adopting person comprises:

+ A written request for adoption;

+ A copy of the passport or identity card or a valid substitute paper;

+ The judicial record sheet;

+Written certification of the marital status;

+ A health certificate granted by a district- or higher-level health agency;

+ A written certification of family circumstances and housing and economic conditions granted by the commune-level People’s Committee of the place in which the adopting person permanently resides.

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