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Dossier on applying for an offshore investment license

Offshore investment is the transfer of capital by an investor; or the payment in part or in the whole of the business premises; or the establishment of ownership to carry out investment and business activities outside the territory of Vietnam; as well as directly participating in the management of such investment activities. In the current trend of globalization, our government encourages investors to conduct offshore investment activities in order to exploit, develop and expand the market; increase the ability to export goods and services and collect foreign currency; access to the modern technology, improve the capacity of managing and supplement the resources for socio-economic development of the country. To support businesses in the process of carrying out offshore investment procedures, T2H Law Liability Limited Company would provide information about an application file, as follows:

– A written registration for offshore investment;

– A copy of the identity card, the citizen identification, or the passport for an individual; a copy of the Certificate of Establishment or other equivalent documents certifying the legal status of an organization;

– The proposal for investment projects;

– A copy of one of the documents proving the investor’s financial capacity: the investor’s financial statement in the last 2 years; the commitment to the financial support of the main company and the financial institution; the guarantee on the financial capacity of the investor;

– The investor’s written commitment to self-arranging foreign currency amounts or a licensed credit institution’s written commitment to providing foreign currency amounts for the investor as specified in Clause 3, Article 60 of Investment Law in 2020;

– The offshore investment decision as specified in Article 59 of Investment Law in 2020;

– For offshore investment projects in the fields of banking, securities, insurance, science and technology, the investor shall submit a competent state agency’s written approval stating the satisfaction with the offshore investment conditions in accordance with the regulations of the Law on Credit Institutions, the Law on Securities, the Law on Science and Technology, the Law on Insurance Business.

– An authorization letter for T2H Lawyers.

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