Officially launching the first internet music copyright protection ecosystem in Vietnam

The first online music copyright ecosystem in Vietnam – MCM (Music Copyrights Management) was officially launched on February 22, 2022, will help protect the interests of musicians through copyright protection activities and intellectual property rights for musical works…

Sigma DRM copyright protection and Sigma Watermarking are the two main technologies used in the MCM music copyright ecosystem. With the above technologies, it is possible to protect and mark each piece of music, there help the author to accurately measure the number of uses and track the distribution and use of the works on the internet.

In particular, Sigma DRM technology will encrypt all music, issue a decryption key each time the work is used, and each time the key is issued, the system will count as one use of the work. The grant of a key for each use can be likened to a request for permission to use the work and it is the foundation for transparency of the number of uses when the work is distributed on the internet. DRM technology is now widely used globally for copyright protection in the field of television or electronic publishing.

And Sigma Watermarking technology is used to mark (digitally sign) when you want to distribute or derive a musical work, thereby helping the authors to trace to easily check the origin, or track the distribution and use of works.

An important milestone in music activities from the perspective of music copyright technology

The main and core purpose of the MCM ecosystem is built to limit and prevent piracy in the internet environment. This is also a way to show respect and honor the work of the authors.

According to the General Director of MCM Online – Musician Le Minh Son, the good management of copyright will gradually form a culture of using copyrighted music, then the authors will receive respect and spiritual encouragement for those who compose music.

Mr. Son added, MCM was established with the desire that musicians would earn money by copyright, so that Vietnamese musicians can live by profession. In developed countries, the laws there are very strict about copyright issues, especially the copyright in the Internet environment. As a result, overseas musicians can live entirely on the income from their works, and be rich by copyright. In order for musicians in Vietnam to also live by their works and live by their profession, copyright needs to be respected and protected.

In addition, musician Le Minh Son said that MCM will use technology to protect copyright of artworks on the Internet. MCM is the first Internet music copyright protection system in Vietnam, born to solve the “pain” of copyright in the digital environment – where the assets are millions of daily unprotected music and violated.

Mr. Son expressed, his aspiration is that musicians would earn money by their works, the users must pay royalties to the musicians. Therefore, good protection of the copyright of artworks on the Internet will be a premise to help the music industry in Vietnam develop explosively, and make greater contributions to the digital economy of Vietnam. According to the chairman of the Vietnam Digital Media Association Nguyen Minh Hong at the launching ceremony of the ecosystem, the establishment of the online music copyright ecosystem is an important milestone in music activities from the perspective of music copyright technology, because copyright and intellectual property protection is not only a domestic issue, but also related to important international commitments.

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