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Insecticidal and germicidal preparations are products that contain insecticidal and germicidal active ingredients, have their own trade names and are used directly to kill insects and disinfectants for household and medical use. Therefore, in order to be able to produce, it is necessary to meet the conditions in accordance with the law and must follow the procedure of disclosing the conditions of production of preparation. T2H Lawyers would provide you with more information about this procedure in the following article.

  1. Dossiers
  • Declaration of eligibility to manufacture inoculants according to the sample form;
  • Manpower Statement form;
  • Layout of workshop, warehouse;
  • A written assignment of a production operator (for hazardous chemical production facilities);
  • Proof of compliance with technical regulations on safe distance (for hazardous chemicals);
  • List of chemical incident prevention and response measures or chemical incident prevention and response plan.

Requirements for dossier:

  1. Direct publication procedure
  • The dossier of announcement of production eligibility is made into 01 paper set attached to the PDF format electronic version;
  • Documents in the application must be printed clearly, arranged in the order as above; between sections with separators, with covers and lists of documents.
  1. Procedures for online publication
  • There are all papers and contents of those papers are fully declared according to regulations such as paper records and converted to electronic documents. Names of electronic documents must be corresponding to names of papers in paper records.
  • The published information is entered fully and accurately according to the information in the electronic documents.
    1. The order of execution




Enterprises can apply in person or by post to the Department of Health where the factory is located. If the Department of Health implements the online publication, the facility can publish it online.

  1. Direct publication procedure

Step 1: Before manufacturing inoculants, the manufacturer’s legal representative shall submit an application to the Department of Health where the factory is located.

Step 2: After receiving the complete dossier, the Department of Health shall issue the establishment to announce the receipt of the declaration of eligibility for production.

Step 3: Within 03 working days from the date on the Receipt note, the Department of Health is responsible for publishing on the website of the Department of Health the following information: Name, address, number manufacturer’s contact phone.

  1. Procedures for online publication

Step 1: The legal representative declares information, downloads electronic documents, digitally signs the online application and pays fees and charges online according to the process on the website of the Ministry of Health. Department of Health or Department of Health.

Step 2: After submitting the online application, the legal representative will receive the online application receipt.

Step 3: The agency that receives the registration dossier is for declaration of eligibility to manufacture inoculants.

Step 4: The result of the online administrative procedure is an electronic document with digital signature of the receiving agency and has the same legal validity as the result of the administrative procedure handled by normal method.

Note: In case of online registration, registration organizations and individuals must keep paper records.

State Fees: 300,000 VND / dossier

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