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The Law on Enterprises 2014 allows enterprises to have many legal representatives to create favorable conditions for enterprises. Many businesses want to add a legal representative, they must carry out the procedures to notify the Business Registration Office. The order and procedures for additional notification of legal representative are consulted in detail in the article below, inviting readers to refer.

  1. Preparing dossiers
  2. Meeting minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders about the addition of Legal Representative
  3. Decision on the addition of Legal Representative
  4. Notice of Legal Representative
  5. A personally authenticated copy of the added legal representative
  6. Authorization letter for staff of T2H Lawyers to carry out the procedure for adding legal representative
  7. A copy of the personal identification of the person going to perform additional procedures.
  8. The order of execution

Step 1: Preparing dossier

Step 2: Submit your application at the Business Registration Office, Department of Planning and Investment

Timeline: Within 03 working days from the date of receipt of the notice, the business registration agency is responsible for examining the validity of the dossier and making changes to the enterprise registration content.

State fees: 100,000 VND/ time for the application filed directly at the Business Registration Office (submitted at the time of submission).

Free of fees for online registration documents

Note: The decision and meeting minutes must clearly state the revised contents of the company’s charter

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