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Procedures for Increasing charter capital of Foreign Invested – capital Enterprise.

Step 1: Online Decleration about information of the project at website http://dautunuocngoai.gov.vn/fdi

Step 2: Examining adjustment of the project’s total charter capital:

A dossier consists of:

  • A written request for adjusting the investment project;
  • A notarized copy of the Investment Certificate;
  • A copy of change and addition charter for Enterprises;
  • A report on project execution for the period from the beginning of the project execution to the adjustment;
  • Investors’s decesion about the project’s total charter capital adjustment;
  • Explain or provide documents relating to the adjustment (explain about financial capacity, investment capital ensuring the charter capital increase) as:
  • Financial statements are confirmed by independent audit (with company 100% foreign invested);
  • Or bank account balance confirmation paper.

Timeline: Within 10 working days, your dossier will be excuted.

Step 3: Preparing a dossier to increase the charter capital of Foreign Invested – capital Enterprise, including:

  1. A written request for increasing the charter capital;
  2. Decesion of investors about the increase of the project’s charter capital;
  3. The Investment Registration Certificate;
  4. Power of Attorney.

Timeline: within 03 working days couting from submitting day.


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