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Types of land disputes are currently diverse and sometimes intertwined. T2H Lawyers would like to help you understand about this matter.


Land disputes could be divided into 2 main types includes: Disputes to identify who has the lawful rights to use the disputed land and disputes in which land users had used land legally but disputes occur while proceeding their rights and obligations.


Consulting on settlement of land disputes requires that advisors/ lawyers have not only legal background but also wide knowledge about social and customer psychology. Understanding that practical requirement, T2H LAWYERS provides the following services related to land disputes:

  • Consulting on settlement of property disputes related to land: disputes over inheritance as land – houses, disputes on division of common property as land, houses during the marriage period or under contractual relationships;
  • Consulting, representing clients to settle land disputes, lawsuits in land administrative cases such as land allocation, support for compensation and resettlement upon land and house recovery;
  • Consulting on settlement of contract disputes related to land – houses such as: contracts for land use rights assignment, conversion, donation or mortgage of houses, land use rights and assets attached to land;
  • Consulting on disputes contribution of land use rights as capital for enterprises;
  • Settlement of disputes on investment and real estate business activities;
  • Representing clients to resolve land disputes via carrying out the lawsuit procedures for disputes over contracts on land, housing or land inheritance disputes in people’s courts.



+ Consulting on case-by-case land law, consulting regularly under long-term contracts for individuals and real estate business organizations on the settlement of land and/or housing disputes;

+Participating in legal proceedings as lawyers, defense counsels of lawful rights and interests of individuals and organizations being plaintiffs, defendants, persons with related interests or obligations in land and/or housing disputes;

+ Authorized representatives to settle land disputes or participate in legal proceedings, conduct investigation, verify cadastral records at competent agencies, collect documents and evidence for plaintiffs, defendants, persons with related interests or obligations in land and/or housing disputes over the courts.


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