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IP Agent is a widely used term in socio-economic life. However, in the legal terminology IP agent is legalized as an “industrial property agent”, which is used to refer to the entities authorized to perform IP-related works on behalf of individuals and enterprises at competent agencies


The clients should note the following issues:

Not all the Law firms in Vietnam are IP Agents. To become an IP Agent, an entity shall meet certain conditions. The optimal choice for the clients is to choose an experienced IP Agent to be able to advise and perform IP-related works in the most optimal way.

T2H Law Liability Limited Company is an IP Agent in Vietnam with extensive and experienced lawyers in this field. We are proud to have annually submitted hundreds of applications to establish intellectual property rights in Vietnam on behalf of the clients for all subjects: trademarks, inventions, industrial designs, … Via this article, T2H Lawyers will help client understand clearly about the entity to be considered as “IP Agent”


Under the Vietnamese Law, IP Agent service has been recognized by Vietnamese law as a conditional business. Organizations which satisfy the following conditions shall be allowed to provide IP agent services as IP Agent:

  1. Being law-practicing businesses or organizations, or scientific and technological service organizations lawfully established and operating;
  2. Having the function of providing IP agent services, which is stated in their business registration certificates or operation registration certificates (hereinafter referred to collectively as business registration certificates);
  3. Their heads or persons authorized by their heads must satisfy the conditions for IP agent service practice.

T2H Lawyers is licensed by the National Office of Intellectual Property (IP Vietnam) to operate as an IP Agent. We are proud to be a unit capable of performing the typical tasks for domestic and foreign customers such as consulting on IP rights establishment, handling of appeals, handling of violations and arising rights IP-related issues.

IP Agent service cover:

  1. Representing organizations or individuals before competent state agencies in the establishment and enforcement of industrial property rights;
  2. Providing consultancy on issues related to procedures for the establishment and enforcement of industrial property rights;
  3. Other services related to procedures for the establishment and enforcement of industrial property rights.

IP Agents may only perform services within the scope of authorization and re-authorize other IP Agent with the written consent of the authorized person/entity. T2H Lawyers provides services related to intellectual property rights in Vietnam as follows:• Filing an application for registration and dealing with office actions arising in the process of registering for protection of industrial property objects;• Recordal of a change of name and address of the applicant or registration owner;• Withdraw the application, amend the application, cancel the application, divide the application; renewal, termination and invalidation of registration;• Request for issuance of Duplicates of the registrations;• Recording an assignment agreements and license agreements at competent agencies and implementing procedures for appeal and dispute resolution related to IP objects• Legal representation for clients working with relevant government agencies and individuals with full authority to designate, replace and cancel in connection with the enforcement of Intellectual Property rights in Viet Nam.


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