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Russia launches a glasses invention to help wearers fight sleep disorders

Recently, within the framework of the Army-2021 International Military Technical Forum event, A Russian company has officially launched an eyeglasses product called Blue Sky pro that helps prevent sleep disorders and restore circadian rhythms within a day or two.

Specifically, the invention of Blue Sky pro eyeglasses is a research result of Technodinamika Corporation under Rostec technology group (Russia) and Samara National Medical University.

The glasses are designed with the purpose of helping soldiers recover their health. The Blue Sky pro prototype is made of high-strength, safe and environmentally friendly composite materials.

The product is very useful for people with insomnia or those who often struggle with fatigue due to business travel, and can be beneficial for military personnel, including pilots, helping them recover health faster.

According to Rostec, the light spectrum emitted by the Blue Sky pro glasses would help restore circadian rhythms, similar to sunlight in the morning from 6-10 am and in the afternoon from 14-18 pm.

When shining on the retina, light activates the brain cells of the “circadian clock” inside a person, so that the body switches from night mode to day mode.

In the morning, the device allows you to get rid of drowsiness, while in the evening, the device allows you to temporarily “postpone” sleep until about 23h.

To fully restore the sleep and wake cycle, the user must wear the glasses for half an hour a day at set times. These glasses can be used when the time zone changes for more than 3 hours and when working the night shift.

According to Rostec, this product allows to prevent sleep disturbances and restore circadian rhythms within a day or two.

Glasses will also help improve health in cases of depression, reducing the ability to concentrate. This effect has been demonstrated during neurophysiological studies.

The product has a replaceable nose pad for user convenience. In addition, the glasses also have the most versatile type-c charging connector.

It is expected that Blue Sky pro glasses will be mass-produced by Tekhnodinamika at Samara Electromechanical Plant from 2022.

Cre: sohuutritue.net

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