This is the content of two agreements signed on November,1,2019 at Geneva, Switzerland between WIPO and Vietnam National office of Intellectual Property and Vietnam Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation,…


Pursant to the agreement, WIPO shall support National Office of Intellectual Property deloy the “Enabling IP Environment” – EIE project by the model of pivos axis and spokes (IP-Hub). The project’s target is to improve the IP capacity of the officers working at Research Institutes and Universities (who play the role as pivos axis and spokes in IP-Hub System) in researching/creating, registering and commercializating inventions as well as transfering the Technology. That team shall act as the center which not only helps advanced the amount, quality and commercial value of inventions in Research Institutes and Universities but also promote the using, exploiting of inventions’s information to avoid the duplicate.

Besides, this project will support Research Institutes and Universities enhance the capacity of development, managenment and technology commercialization via the equipment of tools, skills and knowledge; promote the combination between universities and enterpries via connecting activities, partnerships, combinations, interactions and transactions about technology commercialization.

The result of the project would establish a huge net of experts having knowledge and skills about IP, management, technology commercialization and another related fields as well as build a system including pivos axis and spokes in which National Office of Intellectual Property plays the role as the pivos axis, Research Institutes, Universities and enterpries are spokes. The project will deloy within 05 years counting from 2019.


Pursant to the memorandum of cooperation between WIPO and  Vietnam Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation (VISTI), WIPO will support VISTI: do researches relating to Global Innovation Index (GII); build the capacity in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI); approach WIPO’s IP database. Hence, Vietnam researchers in IP, STI (including GII) could improve, advanced knowledge and skills.

Both 2 parties will do national researches and analysis about GII specify to Vietnam; search for methods to support the IP postgraduate training activities in Vietnam by jointly buiding general training programs in the coming time; search for methods to hold events training, fostering IP, STI and GII; grant access to WIPO’s IP database for the operational purposes of the Innovation Center under Ministry of Science and Technology.


Before the Signing Ceremony, Mr. Chu Ngoc Anh, the Minister of Science and Technology had a courtesy meeting with Mr.Francis Gury, the General Manager of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to express the gratefulness to the support of both WIPO and the General Manager to Vietnam, the Ministry of Science and Technology as well as Ambassador Duong Chi Dung – Head of Vietnam Permanent Delegation in Geneva during his duties time as Chairman of the General Assemly of WIPO.


On this occasion, Minister Chu Ngoc Anh announced about major policies of Vietnam’s party and state about STI, including IP policies. The Minister also thanks for the valuable contribution of WIPO for the Ministry of Science and Technology such as sharing the methodology of caculating and advancing GII, supporting Vietnam to build national IP strategy, join the Lahay agreement, deloy the Industrial Property Administration System (WIPO IPAS) at the National office of Intellectual Property and the IP environment creation project in Vietnam,…


The Minister also annouced that Vietnam Prime Minister had enacted National strategy about IP at the end of last August. This is the first time Vietnam had a stratery at national level about IP that marks a new development step in IP field and affirms that IP is an important tool to promote innovation activities as well as develop economic, cultural, social.


“ Ministry of Science and Technology desires to continue receiving the support from WIPO in building Strategy implementation plan, ensuring the realization of the views, goals and tasks set out in the Stratery”.


Sources:National office of Intellectual Property. 


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