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06 new points of Law on prevention and control of harmful effects of alcoholic beverages 2019 officially takes effect from January,01,2020.

T2H Lawyers would like to introduce 06 new points of Law on prevention and control of harmful 2019 effects of alcoholic beverages officially takes effect from January,01,2020 via this writting below:

Firstly, prohibiting to drive a vehicle with an alcohol concentration in blood or breath.

Secondly, prohibiting to advertise via Radio and television before, during and after children’s programs; from 18:00 to 21:00 every day, excluding advertisements in live sports broadcasts relayed from overseas and other cases prescribed by the Government.

Thirdly, liquor and beer trading establishments must put up notice boards “no liquor and beer sale to under-18 persons”.

Fourthly, establishments that sell liquors and beer for on-spot use shall remind buyers of no driving after drinking and help buyers hire or use public means of transport after drinking.

Fifthly, refraining to set up new shops for sale of liquors and beer for on-spot use within 100 meters from boundaries of the nearest healthcare facilities, children daycare centers, kindergartens and general education schools.

Sixthly, families take responsibility to guide their members in skills to say no to liquors and beer; skills to identify, behave towards, and handle liquor and beer drunken persons and addicts and the application of measures to prevent and control harms of liquor and beer abuse.


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